'Sports Toto', which bets on winning or losing various sports events at home and abroad and receives dividends according to the result, is actually using the Toto site through the Internet. The size of the private gambling market is estimated to be 83.8 trillion won as of 2015. This is four times the size of legal gambling such as Kangwon Land, Sports Toto, Lotto, and horse racing  야동

Proto is a method of betting with fixed odds by selecting as many games as you want from 2 to 10 games. There are two types of protos: a match-and-match game that predicts the win, draw, or loss of a selected match by selecting only a few matches that you are confident in, and a record-type game that predicts the score of a specific match, scorer, winner.  한국야동닷컴

 Toto is a fixed refund rate method, and if there is a fixed amount, it is shared. There are two types of Toto : a match-and-run game that matches wins, draws, and losses, a score-based game that matches points and runs, a mixed game that mixes them, and a special game where you guess the winner, rank, and number of points.  야한동영상


It is a sports eisure game that is a new way of sports, Sports Toto .